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G&J Lawn Care and Maintenance, provides state-of-the-art professional disinfecting services. To meet your business's specific needs, our company provides disinfecting services, sanitizing services, and deep cleans. Utilizing hospital-grade chemicals paired with electric and electrostatic tools, high touch-point wipe down and deep cleaning techniques with color-coded micro-fibers, we are able to help you create a safer environment for your customers and employees.

These commercial disinfection services are used in hospitals, schools, daycares, veterinary clinics, medical offices, manufacturing facilities, warehouses, offices, retail, restaurants and bars, gyms, and other businesses. Professional disinfecting services are ideal for high-traffic businesses, or those who provide services to sensitive populations like clinics and hospitals. Avoid the spread of coronavirus, colds and flus, viruses, fungus, and bacteria all year long and inquire today about one-time special or recurring commercial disinfecting services.

Chemical fogging: Applying chemical disinfectants

to production areas as fogs or mists is a method used routinely

in the food industry. The purpose is to create and

disperse a disinfectant aerosol to reduce the numbers of

airborne micro-organisms and also to apply

disinfectant to surfaces that may be difficult to reach.

Fogging is achieved using either a static,

purpose-built system in a factory area with strategically

placed nozzles or, more commonly, a mobile unit.

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